Opps 100 Pcs Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles for Walkways and Decor in Blue

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What you get: Approximately 100 piece set of non-harmful sparkling sap stones per sack. These stones assimilate daylight amid the day and light up at night.And they will sparkles for up to 2-3 hours after ordinary sunshine presentation.

100% Opps® SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-We do give a 60 days WARRANTY(defection, unplanned harm, non-satisfaction).Eco-accommodating rock lighting that requires no power and no power.This is perfect for sparing us cash, as well as for sparing the earth around us.

Strategies for improvement: Line a walkway, edge a bloom bed or fill a grower with these rock stones that will sparkle oblivious subsequent to being presented to daylight.Ideal for waterscapes, scene enhancement, pruned plants,edge a blossom bed, lighting a pathway or carport, gardens, makes, aquariums, and so forth.

Utilize various packs for bigger areas.The stones are likewise ok for indoor utilize, yet make a point to get enough daylight for them to truly sparkle once the lights go off!

The measurements of every stone around 2.5cm x 1.8 cm approx. Cautioning: Keep far from youngsters for chocking peril.



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